We love your kids. They are the next generation of responsible dog owners. We want them — and everyone else — to have a great experience at Bar K. To ensure this, we have developed our Bar K Kids Policy, which is as follows:


Kids of all ages are welcome at all times in any of our on-leash or indoor areas. This includes inside the restaurant and any of our on-leash patios.


1. KIDS 13-16 are welcome in our off-leash dog parks at any time, as long as they are accompanied by a parent or other adult and follow our Park Rules.

2. KIDS 12 AND UNDER are welcome in the off-leash park, but only under the following conditions:

In partnership with KCPT, we have produced an animated pet education video called “I’M A BAR K KID.” Kids 4-12 must watch the video with their parent/guardian before entering the off-leash play area, and pass the short quiz at the end. Your kids can watch the video and take the quiz by clicking the “NEXT” button below.

3. KIDS 8 AND UNDER must be in the IMMEDIATE PHYSICAL PRESENCE of their parent/guardian or another adult while in the off-leash park. IMMEDIATE PHYSICAL PRESENCE means holding hands with or otherwise within quick grabbing distance of an adult.

4. All Kids must comply with our Park Rules while in the park. This includes: No running in the park, no teasing/taunting dogs, and no climbing on the play equipment. If our Dogtenders believe that these conditions are not being followed, they will politely ask your kiddo to please remain in our on-leash or humans-only areas.