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Breed Mash-up: Weimaraners & Westies

July 7 @ 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Every Meet-Up, we dive into the wonderful diversity of the dog world, celebrating the unique traits and delightful companionship of various breeds. This Sunday, we’re thrilled to feature a fascinating breed mash-up: Weimaraners and West Highland White Terriers, affectionately known as Westies!

Combining the sleek elegance of Weimaraners with the bold and spirited nature of Westies, this mash-up is perfect for those who admire both the graceful athleticism and the plucky determination of these breeds. Weimaraners, with their striking silvery coats and keen senses, bring poise and loyalty, while Westies, with their white fluffy fur and fearless attitude, add a touch of spunky charm and robust energy.

Bring your Weimaraner, Westie, or any wonderful mix of the two this Sunday and enjoy some special perks: half-price draft beers and $5 off your first dog entry fee. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet other enthusiasts of these breeds, share stories, and enjoy a day filled with play and fun. Let’s gather to celebrate the unique blend of the aristocratic Weimaraners and the spirited Westies at our Meet-Up event!


As always, entry is free for humans and Bar K Members. For Non-Members bringing a dog, entry is $10 ($15 on Sat/Sun) for the first dog and $5 for each additional dog in the household. You can complete the Guest Entry Form in advance by following the link below or fill it out at our Front Desk:


• Must be current on vaccinations (Rabies, DHLPP/Da2PP and Bordetella)
• Must be properly socialized for group play
• Must be at least 12 weeks old
• Puppies who are under 25 lbs AND under six months of age are allowed in the Small Dog Park only, or on our on-leash patio. This is because puppies of that age and size may not have the experience or physical ability to play safely among large adult dogs. Once your puppy is over 25lbs or 6 months of age, they are permitted to play in the All Dog Park.