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Breed Meet-up: Irish Breeds

March 17 @ 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Irish breeds meet up at Bar K on Sunday March 17th from 3 to 6 pm

Every Meet-Up, we dive into the rich heritage of dog breeds, celebrating their unique traits and the joy they bring to our lives. This Sunday, we’re paying tribute to the Emerald Isle with a special focus on Irish Breeds!

From the majestic Irish Wolfhound to the spirited Irish Setter, the charming Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier to the robust Kerry Blue Terrier, Irish breeds boast a wonderful variety of characters and sizes. These breeds are known for their distinct personalities, ranging from the gentle giants to the lively and affectionate companions, all sharing a zest for life and a loyal heart.

Irish breeds carry with them a touch of the magic of Ireland, with their rich histories, tales of courage, and the beauty of the Irish countryside. Whether you’re drawn to the elegance of the Irish Setter or the rugged charm of the Glen of Imaal Terrier, each breed brings a piece of Irish heritage to our Meet-Up.

Bring your Irish breed this Sunday and enjoy some great offers: half-price draft beers and $5 off your first dog entry fee. Let’s celebrate the spirit, beauty, and diverse personalities of Irish breeds together at our Meet-Up event!


As always, entry is free for humans and Bar K Members. For Non-Members bringing a dog, entry is $10 for the first dog and $5 for each additional dog in the household. During peak season (April-October), the cost on Saturday & Sunday increases to $15 for your first dog, $5 for each additional dog. You can complete the Guest Entry Form in advance by following the link below or fill it out at our Front Desk.


  • Must be current on vaccinations (Rabies, DHLPP/Da2PP and Bordetella)
  • Must be properly socialized for group play
  • Must be at least 12 weeks old
  • Must have an ID tag at all times (if you don’t have one, we will provide at our Front Desk) 
  • Puppies who are under 25 lbs AND under six months of age are allowed in the Small Dog Park only, or on one of our on-leash patios. This is because puppies of that age and size may not have the experience or physical ability to play safely among large adult dogs. Once your puppy is over 25lbs or 6 months of age, they are permitted to play in the All Dog Park.


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