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  • Although we do our best to create a safe environment for people and dogs in our park, it is impossible to eliminate all risks in an off-leash dog park and incidents will inevitably happen. The purpose of this document is to provide a quick summary of how we respond to such incidents, and to give you an idea of what to expect next.
  • In the event of an incident, our Dogtenders will respond as quickly as possible, with an immediate goal of separating the dogs as quickly and safely as possible. We appreciate your allowing the Dogtenders to do their job without interference.
  • If necessary, in the discretion of the Dogtenders, one or more dogs may be removed from the general off-leash area to one of our on-leash patios or “First Aid/Time Out” areas to calm down and/or for further evaluation. Again, we appreciate our guests accepting the judgment of the Dogtenders.
  • Although our staff are not medical or veterinary professionals, if basic first aid is required for any dog or human, our “First Aid/Time Out” areas are equipped with basic first aid supplies.
  • If medical attention is required beyond basic first aid for any human or dog, we advise that such human or dog be taken to an urgent care facility for immediate professional medical attention. We can provide a list of such facilities in the immediate vicinity.
  • After making sure that the incident is resolved safely and any immediate basic first aid needs are addressed, our staff will complete an Incident Report. This will involve collecting the names and contact information for any dogs or humans involved in the incident. Any witness to an incident may also complete a Witness Statement which will then be included with our own Incident Report.
  • In their discretion, the Dogtenders may ask that one or more dogs be removed from the off-leash area until further discussion/evaluation can take place. We will of course return any entry fees that were paid. We ask that our guests please accept the Dogtenders’ determination in such cases. Bar K management will be happy to speak to the owners to discuss the situation and appropriate next steps.
  • Upon request, Bar K will share the Incident Report with any of the persons involved, including contact information for the dog owners involved. Bar K cannot be responsible for any costs, expenses or other damages resulting from any incidents in the park. Any discussion of reimbursement for veterinary expenses or other compensation will be entirely between the parties involved.
  • In the event the incident involves a dog biting a person in such a manner as to break the skin, Bar K may be required to notify one of the city’s regulatory agencies. This may result in that agency reaching out to contact the dog’s owner and other persons involved to determine if any further action is required.
  • Following the incident, Bar K management will discuss what if any further action needs to be taken. This could include requiring that a dog and owner meet with a professional dog trainer before the dog is permitted to return to Bar K. We have relationships with several local professional trainers and are happy to pass this information along. Bar K will communicate with all parties involved in as professional and transparent a manner as possible.