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Welcome to Bar K Rescue Madness

Bar K Rescue Madness is an online tournament to raise awareness for animal rescue in Kansas City. Sixteen local rescues have each selected one incredible ADOPTABLE all-star (listed below) to compete for your vote!  Winning dogs will move onto the next round, The Final Fur, and eventually, the Tournament Championship. Final Fur team will each receive a $100 Gift Card to Bar K.  In addition, Tito’s Handmade Vodka is making a special $500 cash donation to all participating rescues.

Please note, this is a friendly competition and even though we are cheering for specific dogs, we are really rooting for ALL of the dogs to find their forever homes!



Image of adoptable dog.


Duke has been in our care for nearly 2 years now looking for a home! Duke came to us all the way from a kill shelter in Florida, where he was on a euthanasia list due to his age and complete blindness. Since being with us, we had to have one of Duke’s eyes removed but he is much more comfortable now! Duke LOVES all people and toys, especially giant teddy bears. Because of his blindness, Duke can be spooked by other animals and kids, so he needs a special home where he can live out his golden years!

Image of adoptable dog, Luck.


I’m Allan. I have white socks on all my feet, and I love to sit and stare at you until you reward me. I’m very cuddly and love to lean against your legs or flop into your lap. Chest scratches are the best and I’ll sit with you forever. Nothing is better than burrowing into a pile of pillows and rolling around on my back! I have legs for days and my foster parents call me a gentle giant. And lately, I’ve been finding my voice–I have a deep ‘moo’ when I’m not getting what I want.

Image of adoptable dog.


When Wally was handed to MARQ, you could feel his heart beating through his chest. We knew something was terribly wrong.
The cardiologist confirmed our hunch, and diagnosed Wally with a genetic heart defect. He was given 3-6 months to live, without life-saving surgery. Wally needed open heart surgery, with it he would have a normal life span.
Although this surgery was expensive and risky, how could we not give this little fighter a chance at life?
This tiny 6 pound kiddo flew through surgery, and became a favorite patient at the specialty hospital.
Fun Fact: Wally will hop on his back leg like a kangaroo when he wants to be picked up…which is always!

Image of adoptable dog.


Tiny Tim is a happy, friendly boy. His name was clearly a joke, because he is a tall, lanky Rottweiler. He is very outgoing and active. He loves walks and playing in the yard, especially chasing balls. He knows how to Sit, Shake, Down, Watch, Touch, Stay and Spin. He has some digestive issues that require special food. However, as long as he stays on that food, he has no problems. We love Tiny Tim!

Image of adoptable dog.


She has been in foster since last July! Not really sure what her past looked like but she was not in very good condition when she came to us. So far this is what we have learned! She loves women, is intimidated and scared around men and children. She does learn to trust with time! She absolutely needs another dog or 3 in the home. She is currently being fostered in a pack of 3 and she LOVES playtime. She is a ball full of energy and learning so well how to lay down and chill as well! She is young and still learning, but is so smart and quick at it! She does have a little separation anxiety, so sleeping in the bedroom even in a kennel is a must, and kennel when her people are gone is suggested. She checks in with her foster mom frequently even outside, loves to give kisses and snuggle (for short periods).

Image of adoptable dog, Piglet.


my name is Percy Piglet, a five-year-old Great Dane/mix with a heart of gold. You may think I’m shy at first, but once you’ve won my heart I’ll be the most affectionate pup you’ve ever met. Mark my words!

Despite my regal demeanor, I must admit that I’m a bit of a clumsy pup. My legs seem to be a smidge too long, which results in the occasional clumsiness. But with scritches in just the right spot, you’ll see me do my award-winning wiggle dance. It’s truly a sight to behold!

Now with all that being said, I must admit that I’m not too keen on other dogs. A gentleman can admit his faults! But the lovely staff at Great Plains SPCA believe that with the right furry friend, things would be smooth sailing. Perhaps us canines can meet first, before making things official?

Image of adoptable dog.


I’m a happy-go-lucky puppy. I play like there’s no tomorrow and then I crash out for a good nap. I potty outside. I eat and play and nap in my kennel and I stay in there when my family isn’t home, but I prefer sleeping with my “mom” at night cuz I want to snuggle with her. During the day I play with my foster siblings. We live to play tag in the back yard. My mom tells everyone that I have the cutest butt swagger but I don’t know what she’s talking about. I love to go for walks so I can sniff the sidewalk and grass. I would love to get my forever home soon so I can snuggle with you and love you forever.

Image of adoptable dog.

Soulful Sage

Piggy grunts, heart felt eyes, loyalty to last a lifetime…That is a bare bones summary of our sweet adoptable Sage. This girl is special and was saved by MABBR from being euthanized at a shelter that was unsuccessful at getting her a home. Is it because she is a black dog, whom are overlooked so often? We will never know why so many people walked past her kennel and showed no interest in this loveable girl. She is an angel that will love just about any human that comes into her life. Sage is about 4 years old and around 60lbs.


Sage is quite possibly the best kept secret in the world. Get her one-on-one and she reveals her charm and easygoing nature. She is so very different from what you would first think when meeting her in the kennel and in playgroups. Someone was good to this dog once upon a time; they taught her things, like how to give love and also some cute little tricks. But someone was also neglectful, and her body shows some wear-and-tear for it. She’s smart, curious and generous. She’s easy and tolerant, the way momma dogs nearly always are. She settles fast and snores loud. We hope someone gets a chance to see her the way we do and makes her their own.


Sage knows how to live in a home environment as she has lived her life with a family. She has been known to get along with dogs, but she comes on strong and will need patience, time and understanding if her future adopter has any pets. The easiest solution is finding Sage a home without other animals, but since she has been successful at coexisting and playing with k9 friends, we are leaving the option open to the right adopter with the right skillset and mindset to set Sage up for success. It’s unknown whether she could live with a cat.


She is a sensitive soul full of love and kisses. She is gentle and loveable. The more people to love Sage, the happier she is. Her kisses and loving nature would surely bring the biggest smile to any kid (or adult for that matter) that is lucky enough to receive her love. Sage is longing for that final destination, a place to call home.

Image of adoptable dog.


Bear was adopted as a puppy and returned a couple years later at no fault of his. He is an adorable and sweet dog who loves humans. He has the BEST ears! He gets along with other dogs and loves to play. He is house and kennel trained and knows several commands. Fun fact: he loves to grab toys out of the bins on his way outside.

Image of adoptable dog, Angel.


Angel and her 2 siblings were raised by hand as bottle babies by one of our dedicated foster parents. Look at how adorable and healthy this girl is now!

Image of adoptable dog.


Midnight Rain was rescued from a hoarding situation by the Humane Society of the United States before coming to the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City.

Despite losing her eyesight and history, Midnight is a big bundle of love who enjoys cuddle time on the couch and playing with her foster fur siblings.

Image of adoptable dog, Astra.


Astra is a total staff and volunteer favorite at KC Pet Project! We honestly don’t know what is better about this girl…is it her big, lovable personality, or is it the way she constantly has her tongue out because she is always smiling? Oh heck, we love ALL of it!

Astra is 8 years old and came to our shelter as a stray. She may be middle aged but this does not slow her down. During our photo shoot with her, she was constantly galloping from one person to another to ask for belly rubs. Simply put, Astra is hard to be sad around. She is a true light in this world!

She has done well with other dogs in the shelter and is good on a leash, walking close by and never pulling. She very much loves people, enjoys a good snuggle, and will greet you with a big smile. She is house trained and crate trained. She does not love the crate but is good free roaming in the foster home while the foster is at work.

Astra is living in a foster home. If you would like to learn more about her or meet her please email Her adoption fee is waived!

Image of adoptable dog, Roxy.


Sweet, affectionate Roxy is longing for the love of a family after a rough start in life and being saved by caring friends. She is training with us and is an A+ student! Roxy is a young, energetic shepherd mix, and can do well with other dogs and children. She loves her people and stealing tennis balls from them. In fact, Roxy will abscond with a tennis ball and play with it by herself for hours. Roxy also loves belly rubs from her human friends and will sit politely for pets and attention. But, her absolute favorite is getting scritches behind her ears — aaahhhh, yes. That is indeed the BEST in Roxy’s opinion.
Fun fact about Roxy: when she rubs against you affectionately, that means she’s giving you a hug! About the rescue: The Pet Connection was founded in 1999. TPC currently focuses on pet adoptions, dog and cat training, and behavioral dog rehabilitation. We have locations in Lenexa, Raytown, and Beloit.

Image of adoptable dog, Rue.


Meet Rue! Rue is a bright, energetic, eager-to-please friend who loves nothing more than to be by your side. He loves hamburgers, car rides, strolls through the park, and more. Rue came to Wayside Waifs as a stray, and while he was adopted after he first arrived, things didn’t work out for him that time. But luckily for Rue… he was just adopted again in March of 2024! If you are looking for YOUR forever friend, please check out our website at to see all the wonderful adoptable animals we have available! And don’t forget to help Rue celebrate his new family by voting for him today!

Image of adoptable dog.


Dolly Ann came to us in the summer of 2020 at just a little over a year old. Dolly Ann had only lived a life of neglect up to that point, having been secluded to a basement with her sister for her only companion. Her life had been one of isolation, no walks or fun car rides, or even time to run and play outside.

Despite her difficult beginnings, Dolly has put her past behind her. She’s the picture of resilience and forgiveness. Meet Dolly Ann. This lovely lady is a 40lb, 4-year-old, 200% good girl mix. If you are partial to a certain breed, she probably has it in her!

She sees it as her duty to keep an eye on her homebase to ensure no unwanted, furry critters breech the parameters. However, she will allow just about any doggo friend to come right in. If you are not careful, you will have a dog party going on before you know it and she will be the center of it. Dolly absolutely LOVES her canine friends. Dolly Ann MUST have another dog in her furever home, a built in best friend! Cats, eh, maybe not.

Dolly likes to take her time meeting new human visitors, after all, she must ensure they are Dolly worthy. Once you are in her “circle of trust, you are golden. She will snuggle you, play fetch, and if it is a walk you want…she is an expert.

Dolly is all for napping after all that patrolling. She loves to cuddle up with her people and snooze the afternoon away. She is fine with taking a break in her crate or hanging out on her dog bed. No need to worry about accidents with his girl, she knows exactly where to do her business.

If you need some good critter security and want a Dolly of a companion, please reach out to

Image of adoptable dog.


Settle came to us after being a brood mom. She has a curly tail that she will happily wag for you if you scratch her ears. She loves her humans; she’s good with other dogs too but, she won’t hesitate to tell them if they’ve gotten too close.