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Welcome to Bar K Rescue Madness

Bar K Rescue Madness is an online tournament to raise awareness for animal rescue in Oklahoma City. Sixteen local rescues have each selected one incredible ADOPTABLE all-star (listed below) to compete for your vote!  Winning dogs will move onto the next round, The Final Fur, and eventually, the Tournament Championship, which will be held as an online and live event on Sunday, April 7th.  Final Fur teams will each receive a $100 Gift Card to Bar K. In addition, Tito’s Handmade Vodka is making a special $500 cash donation to all participating rescues.

Please note, this is a friendly competition and even though we are cheering for specific dogs, we are really rooting for ALL of the dogs to find their forever homes!



Image of adoptable dog, Prudo.


Meet Prudo! This big, beautiful pup is a special boy who needs an experienced pet parent. Prudo loves dogs of all sizes. He would enjoy a playful dog close to his size. He loves going on walks and car rides. Prudo can be mouthy when playing or communicating. For this reason, he is not recommended for households with kids. He knows sit and shake and is very smart. Prudo is potty trained and asks out when he needs to potty. A backyard with a good, tall fence is recommended.
A high value treat like peanut butter or wet food is recommended for bath time and when putting him in his enclosure. His tummy can be picky so be careful changing foods. Prudo has separation anxiety and will need a sturdy enclosure or room when you leave him home alone. While Prudo doesn’t crave cuddles, he has a lot of love to give. He enjoys sleeping next to his person’s bed at night. Prudo is a handsome and kind soul who blossoms into a loyal and true companion with time and love. It is truly a pleasure getting to understand and know him.
Image of adoptable dog, Houppelande.


Named after a historical term for “cloak,” Houppelande is sure to be following right behind you! He’s graceful yet spunky, and loves nothing more than chasing his bouncy ball on a sunny day. Houppelande enjoys going on walks in the park, playing fetch with his favorite toys, and cuddling up with his favorite person.

Image of adoptable dog, Happy.


Happy was brought to us by a homeless man that said he had a broken leg. He surrendered him to us for care. When we took him to the vet and removed the sock that was on his leg his right front paw was nearly severed. We had to do emergency surgery and remove his leg and shoulder because of the infection. He has fully recovered and is now available for adoption. He is good with children, other dogs and cats.
Image of adoptable dog, Rasin.


Raisin is a 2 pound ball of fur who was surrendered by owner after they were told he needs an expensive hernia repair surgery. He is a sassy boy who barks for a treat and loves a soft bed
Image of adoptable dog, Otto.


Oh my dog, let me tell you about Otto! This little furball is one precious pup who came into this world with a bilateral cleft lip and a cleft palate. But guess what? He’s been rocking it like a true champ! From the moment we brought him home, he had to be tube fed. But now, he’s graduated to eating on his own and sipping from a teeny tiny hamster bottle. Can you believe it? Otto is absolutely killing it!

You know what’s even more pawsome? Despite the odds stacked against him, Otto is thriving and his future is looking brighter than ever! People didn’t think he’d make it, but here he is, shining like the superstar he truly is! Otto is proof that with a little determination and a whole lot of love, anything is possible. Keep shining, Otto! You’re a true inspiration, woof woof!

Image of adoptable dog, Freda.


Freda is Oklahoma’s friendliest dog! She has never met a stranger and would love to take you on scenic walk. Freda is the goodest – she’ll show you her obedience training diploma to prove it! She loves kids and dog friends but maybe loves her cat friends a little too much. This brindle beauty is a great snuggle buddy and who will cuddle up and help you pick your next show to binge. Freda deserves a home of her own with a family to love! Let’s help her find it!
Image of adoptable dog, Gus.


Gus was rescued from TX, he had been found wandering and in terrible shape. He was 88 lbs when he first arrived there and last weight check he was 125 lbs! Like many dogs in this part of the country, he tested positive for heartworms and will be treated soon. As he gets healthy we see more and more of his personality shining through!

Image of adoptable dog, Caroline.


Caroline was abandoned at a rural Kellyville property when her owner sold the home and moved. Luckily the agent who worked with the buyers is a rescue advocate and reached out for help. Caroline is dog, cat and kid friendly. She is super sweet thus how she got her name. (I dare you not to hum Sweet Caroline!) Fun fact about Caroline is that she gives the best hugs.
Image of adoptable dog, Padme.


Padmé was found in rural Oklahoma, unable to stand, outside of animal shelter jurisdiction in April 2022. Upon vet examination, it was determined she had a broken back and was paralyzed; it is unknown how she was injured. However, this has never stopped Padmé! She received a wheelchair and has been on the move ever since. Today, Padmé lives in a foster home where she is in charge. She participates in many community activities such as rescue outreach events, group dog walks, and parades, and even loves roaming the dog park!

Image of adoptable dog, Captain.


Introducing Captain, a noble and resilient 5-year-old male German Shepherd, currently residing with a loving foster family in Piedmont. Captain’s journey to recovery is nothing short of remarkable. Rescued from a neglectful situation where he was underfed and chained outdoors, suffering from sores on his ears, he never had the opportunity to showcase his true potential. But since being in foster care, Captain has made incredible strides, quickly mastering house and crate training. Initially unfamiliar with the concept of play, Captain is now discovering the joy of toys and fun. Despite a hint of stubbornness, his eagerness to learn is evident in his mastery of commands like sit, down, and stay, both verbal and hand signals, and he’s actively improving on others such as off, easy, and come.
If you’re an approved adopter and feel you could be the perfect match for Captain, please contact us at To become pre-approved, simply fill out an adoption application at Captain is eager to start his new life filled with love, companionship, and the freedom he deserves.

Fun Facts: He loves car rides, he’s never met a toy that he can’t destroy, and is a perfect gentleman around his foster dog siblings

Image of adoptable dog, Ashton.


This sweet girl is living the dream after being surrendered by a breeder after having puppies. She loves fetch more than ANYTHING in the world! Her foster calls her “a hyper little ball of demon energy”, so she’s a pretty typical frenchie!!

Image of adoptable dog, Nadia.


Nadia is a sweet and affectionate girl. She loves to just be next to you. She is a friendly girl loves to play with other dogs and please her humans. So much Nadia will assist in her walks by walking herself! Oh and Nadia LOVES going to Bar K to play and make new friends.

Image of adoptable dog, Nyla.


Miss Nyla, is a lively 5-month-old hound/shepherd mix on a quest for her forever home. With her friendly nature, she adores both dogs and cats. She’s on the lookout for a human companion to call her very own. When she can’t see her fave people her vocals really shine through. Despite her sensitivity to loud noises, she’s not shy about expressing herself when things don’t go her way. She’s a cuddle enthusiast, ready to bring warmth and joy to her new family. Nyla was picked up by a State Trooper as a stray & enjoyed riding in her patrol car before joining rescue.
Image of adoptable dog, Hilda.


Hilda was abandoned on a piece of property out in the country in rural Oklahoma. She was skin and bones and in horrible condition, but she is still the sweetest girl ever!
Her skin looked like that of an alligator when she arrived, her eyes full of goop and she was scared of everyone and everything.

Hilda has come a long way since being with OPCS. Other than some lingering skin allergies, she looks and feels 1,000 % better.
Image of adoptable dog, Davina.


Davina was found at Draper Lake at the eastern edge of Moore, OK. She was dumped at Point 11, and when we found her she nearly appeared to be dead, and looked like a bag of bones, She couldn’t stand or walk. Once at the vet and weighed, she weighed 43 pounds. She is one of MANY we rescue from Draper Lake.

Image of adoptable dog, Turbo.


Turbo and his siblings were born/found under a truck in OKC. Mom got scared and ran off. A kind man took them in and a nice lady provided food, medical and socialization for the pups. They had been living outside till the rescue took them in and had them fixed. He is a sweet, happy, playful boy that just wants a person to call his own. He learns fast, doesn’t seem to mind other dogs, is curious about cats and loves chewy and squeaky toys. He is currently about 40 lbs.