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Welcome to Bar K Rescue Madness

Bar K Rescue Madness is an online tournament to raise awareness for animal rescue in Oklahoma City. Sixteen local rescues have each selected one incredible ADOPTABLE all-star (listed below) to compete for your vote!  Winning dogs will move onto the next round, The Final Fur, and eventually, the Tournament Championship, which will be held as an online and live event on Sunday, April 2nd.  Final Fur teams will each receive a $100 Gift Card to Bar K. In addition, Tournament Sponsor, Tito’s Handmade Vodka is making a special $500 cash donation to all participating rescues.

Please note, this is a friendly competition and even though we are cheering for specific dogs, we are really rooting for ALL of the dogs to find their forever homes!




Betty was surrendered to OK Humane in 2014 due to her previous owner’s health, and adopted again that same year. She then showed up at the OKC Shelter in 2022, now 10 years old and severely overweight. She was shy and scared at first, but has since come out of her shell in her foster home. She’s also lost 20 lbs! Her cutest quirks and traits: bounces like a kangaroo when excited; would cuddle the day away; adores children; loooooooves car rides. After her eventful journey, Betty is looking for a peaceful home to live out her golden years.


Concave is around 1 year old neutered male. He weighs 50lbs and is a mix breed. Concave came into our program from an overcrowded city shelter near the Tulsa area. Their facility was making difficult choices and we happily welcomed Concave into the Second Chance program to save his life. Concave is wiggly and sweet. He gives the best kisses and is a friend to all. This goofy pal is treat-motivated, a great listener and loves playing around with dogs of all sizes and ages. Concave has the best smile and is a social butterfly. We are so glad to kn


Dax was rescued out of a sewer drain just after Thanksgiving. He was approximately 3 months old. He was then given to Raven’s Rescue to find a forever home. Dax was very skittish when he was first brought to Raven’s Rescue. Not surprising since someone stuffed him in a sewer. Every time he had to come out of his isolation kennel the first two weeks, I had to get down on my hands and knees and crawl into the kennel to put the lead on him and pull him out. He is better now and is learning to walk on lead. He is finally out in the main yard with the pack and adjusting well. He will make someone a wonderful lifetime companion and protector.


Dingo was adopted 4 years ago from Tiny Tails. His loving family has gone through a death, and now a relocation where dogs are not allowed. Dingo was returned back to Tiny Tails. Dingo has always been loved, has traveled all across the United States, is more than willing be your co-pilot. Dingo would love nothing more than a bite of biscuits and gravy and will deny that he needs to watch his weight. This loving, funny, playful young man would like nothing more than a forever home to call his own.


This is Dolly! She is around 2, and is an English Foxhound Mix! She is a heroic mama! We found her dumped and asking for help behind the OKC Animal Shelter on March 7th. She was keeping SIXTEEN puppies safe! She led me to them after I found her by the road. We have no clue why someone would dump ANY dog, much less a gal like Dolly! She’s potty trained, house broken, doesn’t need to be crated when home alone, is great with all dogs AND cats! She’s super affectionate and snuggly as well. She and all the puppies were worth saving and we are thankful she asked us for help! She’s been on News9, FOX25 and was featured by The DoDo recently!


Fitz joined the rescue when he was just 5 weeks old, after being attacked by another dog and suffering a skull fracture. If you ask his foster mom, Fitz is absolute perfection! He has the sweetest demeanor, he’s goofy, fun-loving, maybe not all that smart (haha!), and loves going to daycare to play with all his friends. He lives for pool days and dressing up in the latest and greatest holiday gear. He can be a little unsure of strangers, but when given a little time to warm up, he is giving hugs and asking for belly rubs!


Halle was rescued from a neglect situation. Coming in, she was severely underweight and in rough shape, with terrible skin and eye infections. She also had some eye issues that required surgeries to correct. It’s been a long road to get her healthy but she’s doing great now and such a hoot! Hal-le has been in our rescue for almost 1.5 years now. She can be selective with the dogs she likes so she gets overlooked a lot. Fun fact, Halle is a talker and makes all kinds of funny noises when she has something to say!


Hello everybody. Meet Jake.He is just over a year old, completely potty trained, plays well with dogs of all ages and sizes and adores cats. He usually sleeps in a crate at night but also is happy to curl up at the foot of the bed given an opportunity. He loves a good romp outside but doesn’t require lots of exercise. Unlike many dogs, he’s great at sticking around off the leash. Give him a chew toy and he will think he’s in heaven. He had a rough start with humans so it takes him a while to warm up to strangers. We have loved him as if he is our own.


Kiwi is a charmer and a social butterfly! She loves playing with other dogs! Kiwi joined our adoption program about 8 months ago when she was out of time at a local kill shelter. She loves people and she is very clever! She knows several commands and also walks well on a leash! Kiwi is gentle while taking treats and she is kennel trained. She would love going to the lake or watching her kid’s soccer games and she would LOVE visiting Bar K!!


Mama Noel was pulled from a shelter with 8 tiny reindeer. Despite being absolutely starved and completely evacuated she was doing everything she could to keep her babies alive. She is an amazing mama. She was possibly confined much of her life (probably as a backyard breeder) and prefers to be out with people cuddling. Mama Noel is the sweetest dog and just wants someone who will love her the way she loves her babies.


Miss Minnie recently came into the rescue after she had a very significant allergy outbreak and her owners were not able to afford her care. She has come leaps and bounds in just a few weeks and her skin is really getting much better! She loves everyone she meets! She is a tiny little nugget at only 35 lbs! We’re so excited to get her healthy and ready for a forever family! Her favorite activities include snoozing on the couch, rolling on all the blankets, and sunbathing on a nice day!


Mozzarella was handed over to us after an apartment maintenance worker was doing repairs and the tenants did not want her. Sweet girl was only four weeks of age, too young to be away from her mom. This rough start to life has not phased this sweet free spirited dog! She loves all see meets, two and four legged! She LOVES to play chase with anyone willing to play


Nort ended up at a municipal shelter where he was at risk for euthanasia due to hav-ing Heartworms. Nort’s history was tracked down due to contact with an owner who never came to reclaim him. Nort originated from Poland (confirmed by his micro-chip) and was a drug K9. He is a highly driven dog.


We named him Rio! He is a 90 pound German Shepherd malamute mix super chill dude, hoping to get into a forever home!


I’m basically the Bella SPCA mascot because I’ve been at the shelter for 653 days. That’s almost 2 years! (longest foster currently in the program). I would love to find a home where I am appreciated for what I am, a big ole love bug. If you have a big backyard, you would make my day, because I love to run and play fetch. I get so excited sometimes and just cant help but jump up on you to show you show much I love you and to get some attention!


Nala is a 4 year old, 50 pound Terrier mix. Her age and size are perfect. And her sweet personality is icing on the cake! Nala is a good playmate with other dogs. Her sweet eyes and loving nature will stand out when you first meet her. She’s fun and sociable!