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Welcome to Bar K Rescue Madness
Saint Louis!

Bar K Rescue Madness is an online tournament to raise awareness for animal rescue in St. Louis. Sixteen local rescues have each selected one incredible ADOPTABLE all-star (listed below) to compete for your vote!

Winning dogs will move onto the next round, The Final Fur, and eventually, the Tournament Championship, which will be held as an online tournament.  Teams who make it to the Final Fur will each receive a $100 Gift Card to Bar K!  In addition,  Tito’s Handmade Vodka is making a special $500 cash donation to all participating rescues. 

Please note, this is a friendly competition and even though we are cheering for specific dogs, we are really rooting for ALL of the dogs to find their forever homes!


Click below each adoptable dog’s photo to read their bio!

Image of adoptable dog.


Lulu was rescued pregnant after being bred in a puppy mill for 7 years. She delivered her litter in a loving foster home and was the most attentive mama. As she weaned her puppies, another rescue mama was in distress. Janet, who also came into rescue pregnant, needed an emergency c-section to deliver her NINE puppies – but she had complications, another emergency surgery, and was unable to nurse her pups. In stepped Lulu who accepted Janet’s puppies as her own. Janet has recovered and is doing well, and the puppies are thriving! We are so proud of sweet, selfless Lulu!

Image of adoptable dog, Mehs.


Hope found herself at Metro East Humane Society in November 2023 after a good samaritan found her as a stray on the side of the road and turned her in to Madison County Animal Care & Control. She’s been looking for a home ever since! Hope is a volunteer favorite to walk because she’s so friendly and great on a leash, and she’s no stranger to stopping for a belly rub and soaking up the sun! A fun fact about Hope is she’s super skilled at weaving through agility poles — it’s her favorite enrichment activity!

Image of adoptable dog.


In January, the Humane Society of Missouri’s Animal Cruelty Task Force rescued 55 dogs from a property in Stone County, Missouri. Shore Bird was one of those dogs. When he arrived, he was so emaciated that his bones were protruding and his coat was severely matted, to the point where he had to be shaved. But as a true rescue dog, he has begun his miraculous recovery. He loves to go on walks and is currently learning how to be a dog and how to enjoy life. Fun fact: due to his hair cut, he now looks like a lion.

Image of adoptable dog, Speak.


Hayden was rescued after he was hit by a car. Two of his legs were severely injured and he was covered in awful lacerations all over his body. A back leg had to be amputated and his front paw and his wounds had to be treated and rebandaged every other day for months. Despite all the pain and all the constant vet visits, Hayden is the happiest tail-wagging boy and can’t wait until he’s ready to find his forever home.

Image of adoptable dog, Benjamin.


Benjamin is fun, energetic, and a social butterfly just like a teenager! Benjamin loves all people, and dogs, and is always ready to have a good time, he loves to play ball! He still has a lot of puppy in him, but is very eager to learn and please his people. He would love to do training and learn new things. After a fun filled day he loves to snuggle up with his foster dad. Fun Fact – Benjamin has his own remote control car that he chases when his foster dad runs it around the yard!
Image of adoptable dog.


Olaf came to us after 2 months at our county shelter after being found as a stray. He’s just a baby and has been waiting another 2 months with us! Sadly, we recently had to send a biopsy from a mass in his off for testing. The vets are worried about bone cancer, but that hasn’t stopped this sweet boy from bringing a smile to our faces daily. Whether it’s a fospice, foster, or adopter we’d love to find this goofy boy a home. He is PURE entertainment and could easily win derpiest dog award.
Image of adoptable dog.


This is our sweetheart Breccia! She was dumped on rural property with her 9 newborn puppies. Needy Paws came to the rescue to provide Breccia warm shelter, good nutrition, medical care to ensure she and her puppies could have a new beginning! All the puppies have been adopted and now it’s Breccia’s turn!
Breccia is a beautiful 2 year old Husky mix that loves adventure and going for walks. She’s an interactive dog full of personality that aims to please. Absolutely amazing with children of all ages. She’s fully potty trained & kennel trained.. very trustworthy when left alone not kenneled.
Fun Fact: jumps a chain link fence but will not go over a baby gate!

Image of adoptable dog, McKinley.


McKinley is a vibrant and resilient 2-year-old with an incredible spirit!

McKinley entered the shelter starving and scared. Despite not having a very good start to his life, McKinley was very well-behaved in a temporary foster home where we learned that he is dog-friendly, crate-trained, and potty-trained. He’s medium to medium-low energy and loves to lay down with his humans. Fetch is his favorite game!!

McKinley is fortunate to have shelter friends who provide him with breaks from the chaos, but he craves a permanent home where he can thrive and build a lasting bond with a caring, loving family.

Image of adoptable dog, Snowflake.


Snowflake entered APA Olivette’s care as a lost pet, discovered hiding behind a trash can, battered and cold. Our dedicated veterinary team sprang into action, treating his severe mange and showering him with the love and care he deserved. Now, Snowflake is unrecognizable from his former self, blossoming into a sweet-natured dog with a shy demeanor. He’s searching for a forever home where he can feel safe and loved.

Image of adoptable dog.


Meet Vincent, a true masterpiece of resilience and charm! This one-eared wonder has a heart as big as his endearing smile. He’s a very sweet boy who gets along well with other dogs.

Image of adoptable dog, Zamboni.


Zamboni came to Even Chance’s foster program from a local shelter partner. Zamboni had originally come under the care of the shelter with an embedded chain. He was adopted, but then returned to the shelter after experiencing neglect. An Even Chance foster home met him and thought he deserved a chance to decompress in a foster home, and so he’s been with Even Chance since then! Despite a serious medical emergency (intestinal blockage) and lengthy recovery, Zamboni has continued to make progress with us and we’re hopeful his perfect family is out there!
Fun Fact: Zamboni has traveled around the US to participate in 3 canine obstacle course races and he has a knack for always finishing last.

Image of adoptable dog.


Boo and her 6 siblings were born on a farm and by 3 months when the owner reached out for help, 2 had tragically passed away. We took all 5, and Boo and her sibling Boogey are the only 2 that are deaf. She have been in rescue since October of 2023, she knows hand signs for sit, shake, lay down, spin, and roll over. We DNA tested her and she has the Double Merle gene, which is what likely caused her and her brother to be deaf, all white, and have blue eyes.

Image of adoptable dog.


If you’re looking for brains and beauty, look no further than our very own Marble! A little bit more about Marble:
Leash trained! This brindley beauty knows that when it’s time to walk, she better be on her very best behavior!
Crate trained! Marble is comfortable in the crate, totally content to chill even with the door open!
House trained! She is our most dedicated member of the Clean Kennel Club.
Dog friendly! Marble loves to play with her dog friends one-on-one!

Image of adoptable dog, Candyland.


Candyland is part of a 17 puppy rescue! She and 8 siblings are still available.

Image of adoptable dog, Wheybest.


Whey was rescued from the streets of St. Louis. She had just had puppies but the rescuers could not find her puppies. She absolutely loves playing with toys and is an amazing snuggler!

Image of adoptable dog, Walt.


Walt is a big, lovable teddy bear who loves everyone he meets. He loves to run, play, and wrestle with other dogs and is a super smart boy who will do just about anything for a treat. During his time at Five Acres he has been a rockstar in doggie play groups!
Walt was brought to Five Acres with a transfer of dogs from the APA. He is two years old, 61 pounds, and has the sweetest, most stoic face.