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Welcome to Bar K Rescue Madness
Saint Louis!

Bar K Rescue Madness is an online tournament to raise awareness for animal rescue in St. Louis. Sixteen local rescues have each selected one incredible ADOPTABLE all-star (listed below) to compete for your vote!

Winning dogs will move onto the next round, The Final Fur, and eventually, the Tournament Championship, which will be held as an online and live event on Sunday, April 2nd.  Teams who make it to the Final Fur will each receive a $100 Gift Card to Bar K!  In addition,  Tournament Sponsor, Tito’s Handmade Vodka is making a special $500 cash donation to all participating rescues. 

Please note, this is a friendly competition and even though we are cheering for specific dogs, we are really rooting for ALL of the dogs to find their forever homes!


Click below each adoptable dog’s photo to read their bio!


In January, Dante was left behind by a family who moved away that he lived with for 2 years. Dante laid in the street, in the freezing cold, for two days waiting for his family to return but they never did. Dante is an amazing dog! He is a young male mastiff mix (we believe he is mixed with Anatolian so we are affectionately referring to him as a “mastiffolian”). He is 111 lbs of fluff and his fur feels like silk. He absolutely loves humans and is always up for a good cuddle session. He is working on basic commands with our rescue trainer and has been a really good student! Dante is looking for his forever family and home where he can feel safe, loved and cherished for the wonderful dog he is.


Baby Audrey came to the shelter after being rescued from a doghouse fire. It claimed the life of one of her sisters and left another with severe burns, but Audrey escaped with minor injuries and singed whiskers. Audrey is a fighter – a very feisty, determined girl who instantly loves every person she meets. Her boundless energy and curiosity keep the humans on their toes and her joyful spirit brings smiles to the faces of everyone around her.


Meet Cranberry! This smiley 2-year-old pit mix came to us as a stray on Oct. 22, making herone of our longest residents. She’s been working with our behavior team and is great at fetch! We recommend that Cranberry be the only animal in your household. Meet her at our Macklind shelter today! Through March, adoption fees are waived for all pit bulls and pit bull mixes 9 months and older!


Sweet Aussie puppy Zuri was picked up as a stray just before Christmas. Nobody claimed her, which is no surprise, she was likely discarded because she is deaf and has vision issues. Zuri has a ruptured corneal ulcer, a severe head tilt, and balance problems. None of this stops her from being the happiest, goofiest girl! She had an MRI where the doctors found no structural issues, and we’re waiting on results of her spinal tap. She’s doing well in a foster home, ready to tackle whatever the tests show as she gears up to find her forever home. Zuri means “beautiful” and we think she is absolutely perfect.


Selena Gomez is truly a rare beauty that was transferred to the Belleville Area Humane Society by a local animal control partner. She is a 1 year and 9 months old queen! Selena walks like an angel on a leash and is house-trained. Ms. Gomez enjoys snacky snacks, leisure walks around campus, and playing in the yard. While she has natural beauty her best feature is her brindle-striped legs!


Canyon is our golden boy with his golden coat and eyes to match. We have no idea how he hasn’t been snatched up! He came to us emaciated and shy from southern Missouri in a town so small they don’t have an animal control. He loves toys and food (which makes him very easy to train) and has never met a dog or hooman he doesn’t want to make his best friend. He’s even chill with cats! This staffy mix is just under a year, weighs 45lbs. His wiggle butt and goofy personality would make a fantastic addition to any family.


Meet our boy Shelton, a Handsome 1 yr old, 30 lb male, Terrier Mix, with a Very Sweet Personality! He was saved from a rural Missouri Animal Control where he had been living since July 2022. He’s potty trained and crate trained. He likes kids, cats and dogs and his favorite toys are chewable nylabones. Laying his head on your lap is his favorite time together with his human. He is a well-behaved energetic young boy and would do best with a 6 ft fence.


This is Kirby! He came to us as a stray skin and bones we carried him into our rescue with no life in him. He is thriving and is healthy and happy and has thanked us every day for rescuing him. He loves every human and dog he meets! He has a great time at Bar K! He is 2-3 years old and is a Dane bully mix. He has excellent leash manners and would make a great addition to a variety of home.


Frost is showing off his basketball skills in honor of March Madness! This big hunk is a deaf 2-year old, but that doesn’t slow him down! He is incredibly smart and understands hand signals for “Sit” “Down”, “Come Here”, and “Yes”! You need Frost on your team! Come and meet him at the APA Brentwood.


Checo’s story: This handsome man originally came to us from an overwhelmed caregiver very underweight who had to surrender. With the help of amazing foster parents, Checo is now waiting for his forever home with you! He loves listening to classical music, binge watching TV with his humans or going on adventures where he can proudly show off his perfect dad bod to the world and have his ears flop through the wind. He is potty trained and knows several commands! Speaking of training he is a recent graduate from Grateful Pets in St. Louis! His adoption fee has also been waived:)


Handsome Howard is a young GSD who was abandoned in rural Missouri. He was found by a Pet Rescue Network volunteer, covered in fleas and ticks, and missing his left hind paw from a conibear trap. At that time, he was a malnourished 58 lbs; now with a committed foster family, he is a healthy 67lbs! In addition to the missing paw, Howard tested positive for heartworms and ehrlichia. He is being treated for both ailments. Instead of amputating the entire leg, PRN is fitting him for a prosthetic. The care this smart, loving GSD is receiving is an example of the mission and dedication of PRN to improve the lives of pets and their people.


His name is Blitz, he is a year and half. We personally think he might be the most gorgeous dog we’ve ever seen! He loves to play fetch, get belly rubs and he falls off couches when he’s chewing his bones He is a super gorgeous tall guy! His environment would be best with lots of love, structure, and older kiddos.


Dear Darla,
We love your stinkin’ guts!
This Little Rascal has all of our hearts melting like popsicles on the 4th of July.. *loving sigh for dramatic effect* It’s Darla! And she’s asking her adopters to take her ❤️ and please, don’t break it… what do you say? Are you ready for romantic boat rides, love letters and serenades? Because she deserves it all, and more! Darla’s name really couldn’t be more fitting. She loves to play & perform for her people but can be a wee bit picky when it comes to her friends. Once she gets to know another dog/cat, she’s 🥰 .Hurry! Apply now! Darla will be waiting by the phone for your call!
Make this bright eyed girl part of your family today!🐾🏡


A feral from an Indian reservation in AZ. 5 years old Dog friendly He is learning to trust people more, walking well on leash, making dog friends and learning to like pets. Available for adoption


This is Dutchess. She is about 5 months old. She is 100% border collie and 100% adorable. She is completely deaf, but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying life. She loves to run around and play just like the others! She would make a great companion for anyone looking for an active dog. She is also very smart and has already picked up on sign language!


Beauregard is a neutered, fully vetted 11-year-old Min Pin. He came to our rescue after his human went into assisted living. Bo loves to run in the backyard or dog park! His name fits him well – as he can be a little bossy to other dogs, but for the most part, he tolerates them okay. One of Bo’s interesting facts is some rather unique training he received from his previous dad. Seems dad thought it would be funny to teach Bo to go after people’s feet! Bo’s way of greeting new people is to seek out their feet! He seems to lose interest after the initial meeting, though.