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Tesla at Bar K

Bar K St. Louis 4565 McRee Ave, St. Louis

Get ready to experience the future of pet-friendly transportation with Tesla! On Thursday, June 30th, from 5-8 pm, Petfinder Park at Bar K will become a showcase of cutting-edge automotive […]

Featured Featured Event Series Puppies’ Night Out

Puppies’ Night Out

Bar K Kansas City 501 Berkely Parkway, Kansas City

Are you a proud owner of a new puppy? Puppies' Night Out is a fantastic opportunity for your furry friend (aged 3 to 9 months) to socialize and enjoy some […]

Featured Featured Event Series PUPPIES’ NIGHT OUT


Bar K St. Louis 4565 McRee Ave, St. Louis

Did you recently add a new puppy to your family? Puppies’ Night Out is an opportunity to get your new pup (age 3 to 9 months) some much-needed socialization and […]